Salary Commission

  • Meets annually as necessary
  • Marysville City Hall
    1049 State Ave.
    Marysville, WA 98270
  • Mark Allen
  • Don Culbertson
  • Steve Edin
  • Joel Faber
  • Shelly Ganje
  • Amanda Garlock
  • Tom King
About the Salary Commission
The Salary Commission has seven members who are appointed by the Mayor and serve three-year terms. Members must be citizens of the City of Marysville. The Commission has the duty to review the salaries paid to elected officials, including the Mayor and City Council members, and determine appropriate increases or decreases in salary.

NEW: New members sought to serve on Salary Commission. Apply today!
To apply, please submit a letter of interest or resume (or both) as soon as possible, to Deputy City Clerk April O’Brien at Marysville City Hall, 1049 State Ave., Marysville WA 98270, or by email to For more information, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 360-363-8077.

Additional Information
For more information concerning the Salary Commission, contact Human Resources at (360) 363-8000.