Property Crimes Unit

Collage of photos showing different forms of crimes against property

The Property Crimes Unit is comprised of burglary, felony thefts, fraud, ID thefts, and auto theft.

Detective contact info should only be used for follow-up to a case the detective is already working. Please report new cases, questions, or information to an officer via 911 or the non-emergency line.

Detective Sergeant Wallace Forslof
Responsible for the review of all felony police reports involving property crime(s) generated in the police department and including North Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and Lake Stevens Police Department. Once the report has been approved, if there is further investigation required, the Detective Sergeant will assign the case out for follow-up.
Detective Nathan Adams

Detective Joe Belleme
Assigned to the North Snohomish County Property Crimes Task Force (PCU) and is responsible for the investigation of crimes involving Burglaries, Felony Thefts, Felony Stolen Property, Felony Vehicle Prowls, Fraud, and Identity Theft.