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The way we go about our daily lives has changed as we respond to try and slow the spread of COVID-19.  The impacts of COVID-19 are far reaching.  Businesses and employees are both impacted as we try and navigate through these difficult times.  Included below are resources that may be available for both businesses and individual employees that are directly impacted by COVID-19.

If you are looking for community or home resources, please visit our Community Support and Resources page.  For additional information regarding COVID-19 and the City’s response visit our COVID-19 page.

Please note, this webpage is a work in progress.  We continue to add, review and edit content as new or updated information becomes available.

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Water Guidance for Businesses

With many business buildings closer to the public to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the risk for Legionella growth in plumbing, cooling towers and HVAC systems increases as building water use decreases. It is important to properly manage and maintain these systems when your building is vacant or used less often. By implementing procedures now, you can protect the public and minimize the steps needed to safely re-open closed or partially closed facilities. The Washington State Department of Health has provided guidance for businesses.

Small Business Administration |

Local Banks

  • City staff has spoken with local banks who suggest you contact the local branch of your own financial institution to inquire about any business assistance they can offer; local contacts can likely help you more quickly than going through a national call center.

Washington Small Business Development Center

  • Business Resiliency Toolkit which includes guides, resources, plans and links to additional resources for businesses.  Registration links for "Keeping the Lights On: Business resiliency webinar"

Washington State Department of Commerce

Washington State Resources and Inquiries

Business Financial Assistance Resources

Business and Employee Workplace Health and Preparedness