Subarea plans and master plans

Subarea plans

Every community is made up of smaller areas, each with its own set of unique attributes, issues, opportunities and challenges that contribute to the whole. Subarea plans are targeted for these smaller areas and provide a way to help the residents and businesses in these areas, such as corridors, neighborhoods, etc., figure out how their area fits into the “big picture” in terms of achieving the overall goals of the comprehensive plan, while addressing issues or concerns of particular importance to the small area. These might include dealing with an aging mall or vacant businesses, increased traffic flow, development densities along corridors and how to make the density “fit” into the neighborhood, and how to address walkability, connectivity, and open space. 

The city has adopted detailed Subarea Plans for several of the centers where focused growth is anticipated. Subarea Plans include detailed Comprehensive Plan land use designations, and development standards that are the zoning for the areas.  

Master plans

A master plan is a land use plan focused on one or more sites within an area that identifies access, general improvements and needed infrastructure. These plans are intended to guide growth, development, and improvements over a number of years and in phases.

  1. Subarea Plans
  2. Master Plans