Central Marysville Annexation Garbage Information

The City of Marysville will begin solid waste collection services on January 3, 2022 for the Central Marysville Annexation Area (Ordinance No. 2792).  Letters were sent to affected residents November 18, 2021 detailing service days and other service information, including: 

  • The City of Marysville will deliver a City provided solid waste cart to your address between December 1st - 17th.  If you are currently being serviced by Waste Management (WM) for solid waste, the City will provide you with the same size solid waste cart.  If not, the City will automatically assign a 36-gallon solid waste cart to you for weekly service.  If you would like to change the size of your solid waste cart, please wait until you receive a new cart from the City of Marysville to submit your request.

  • Please note that your collection day is listed in the letter in red.  All services will be collected on the same day; solid waste  (mandatory), recycling (mandatory) and yard waste (optional).

  • All-in-One recycling provided by WM will continue to occur on the same day as your solid waste collection. Recycling is mandatory in the City of Marysville for single and multi-family homes; the cost will be broken out separately on your bill.  If you need to order a recycle cart, please contact Utility Billing at 360-363-8001.

  • If you currently have curbside yard waste service with WM, your service will continue to be provided by WM, but will now be billed by the City of Marysville. If you would like to begin curbside yard waste service, please contact Utility Billing at 360-363-8001.  Yard waste will be collected on the same day as your solid waste and recycling collection. Yard waste is collected weekly from the 3rd week of March until the 3rd week of November.  During the months of December, January, and February yard waste is only collected once on the 3rd full week of these months on your normal collection day. 

  • Solid waste collection services will now appear on your City bi-monthly utility bill. 
Residential Garbage Bi-Monthly Rate
36 Gallon picked up weekly $30.76
64 Gallon picked up weekly $63.68
96 Gallon picked up weekly $96.58
20 Gallon picked up weekly $21.26
Low Income 20/36 Gallon picked up weekly $18.08
Once a month pickup (36 gallon only) $5.48
Recycling is picked up bi-weekly.
Residential Recycling                                   Bi-Monthly Rate
96 Gallon Cart $18.46
2nd 96 Gallon Cart $9.58
Low Income 96 Gallon Cart $12.92
Yard Waste is picked up weekly from 3rd week of March to 3rd week of November. From December to February, it is picked up once a month during the 3rd full week.
Residential Yard Waste (Optional Service) Bi-Monthly Rate
96 Gallon  $20.40
2nd 96 Gallon $5.44
Multi-Family Yard Waste and Recycling
Yard Waste is an optional service and can be requested through Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995
Recycling is a mandatory service and is included with your garbage rate at this time.
Commercial Garbage - Weekly Pickup        Bi-Monthly Rate
1 Yard Container $221.64
1.5 Yard Container $301.06
2 Yard Container $382.10
3 Yard Container $523.24
4 Yard Container $583.62
6 Yard Container $792.48
8 Yard Container $1,027.72

Garbage collection during inclement weather

With the winter season comes the possibility of snow and ice on the roadways. Our sanitation department works hard in all types of weather to ensure that you get the best service possible. The one thing we prioritize even more highly than providing this service is keeping the community safe. There are times when it just isn’t prudent to be out in the snow with a large, heavy truck. 

During a snow event, if your garbage is not picked up on its regular day, please leave it out at the curb. We will be by when conditions allow. We understand the former “just put out double next week” doesn’t work that well for most people. We will get caught up as soon as it is safe to do so, even if this requires working late. Thank you for your understanding. Please check back here or on social media for specific service updates.

Collection on Holidays 2021/22

Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, and since our sanitation drivers will be at home with their families, collection will be one day later than usual. If your normal collection day is Thursday, collection will happen on Friday. If your normal collection day is Friday, collection will happen on Saturday.

For the week of Christmas and New Year’s Day, both the holidays fall on a Saturday so there is no change to collection days this year for garbage/recycling.  Please put both garbage and recycling (if this is your week for recycling)  out on your normal pick up day.