What's a home occupation business and how do I license one?

If you do not have a commercial store or office and you are doing any part of your business activities from your residence, and the residence is inside the city limits of Marysville, then you are considered a home occupation business. Even if you do not sell a product from your home or do not have any customers visits, you are still considered a home occupation in business.

Contacting customers by phone or conducting bookkeeping work from the home is also considered a home occupation business. (For example, contractors, subcontractors, plumbers or electricians who go to the job site to perform work, but whose office is at home.)

Click HERE to learn more and/or apply for a home occupation business license

I want to build a mother-in-law unit, can I do that?

In the City, we call these mother-in-law type structures, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). To learn more about ADUs, check out the handout HERE!

I want to know where my property lines are. How do I find that information?

The only way to know for sure where your property lines are, would be through a survey. Surveys are preformed by licensed professional surveyors. The City has GIS maps that give you an idea of the location of your property lines, but they should not be used to determine setbacks as they may not be completely accurate.

If a survey has already been conducted for your property or you are part of a subdivision, you can search on the Snohomish County Auditor's records HERE.

What can I build on my property without needing a building permit?

For a list of all work exempt from requiring a building permit, check out the handout HERE.