2020 Property tax information

We have received some inquiries about higher property tax rates in Marysville. While some information has been inaccurate, it is true that the Snohomish County Assessor’s Office reports that the average total tax increase for homes in the Marysville city limits in the Marysville School District zoning was $902. The Assessor breaks down tax collections for the average assessed value of a Marysville home as shown here. Included in this information are taxing rates for the Marysville School District, Lake Stevens School District and Lakewood School District. Depending on the location of your home in the Marysville city limits, the local school district taxing rate will vary.

2019 Average Assessed Value
2020 Average Assessed Value
Taxing District
2019 tax rate*Taxes2020 tax rate*TaxesDifference
County Regular$0.69$211.66$0.64$214.71$3.04
County Conservation Futures$0.03$9.20$0.03$9.42$.22
City of Marysville$1.78$549.60$1.15$387.80($161.80)
Marysville EMS$0.50$153.31$0.50$168.40$15.09
Sno-Isle Library$0.47$145.02$0.44$148.57$3.54
Marysville Regional Fire$0.00-$1.45$488.36$488.36
Marysville SD Bonds$0.91$281.64$0.84$281.14($0.50)
Marysville SD Capital Projects$0.69$213.87$0.63$213.52($0.34)
Marysville SD Enrichment$1.50$462.45$2.50$842.00$379.55
Lake Stevens SD Bonds$2.05$630.66$1.82$611.90($18.76)
Lake Stevens SD Capital Projects$0.32$98.64$0.28$95.69($2.95)
Lake Stevens SD Enrichment$1.50$462.45$1.56$525.85$63.40
Lakewood SD Bonds$1.70$524.37$1.55$523.08($1.29)
Lakewood SD Capital Projects$0.28$86.40$0.26$88.80$2.40
Lakewood SD Enrichment$1.50$462.45$2.18$732.95$270.50
State School 1$1.87$576.31$1.86$627.85$51.54
State School 2$0.70$214.51$1.00$337.99$123.48
Total Property Taxes - Marysville SD Area$9.14$2,817.56$11.04$3,719.75$902.19
Total Property Taxes - Lake Stevens SD Area$9.90$3,051.35$10.74$3,616.52$565.17
Total Property Taxes - Lakewood SD Area$9.51$2,932.82$11.07$3,727.91$795.09
* Tax rates are rounded to the nearest 10th percentile. Taxes are calculated by the rate for every $1,000 of assessed value.

The chart shows the largest increases from state and local school collections and the new voter-approved Regional Fire Authority. In response to the RFA, the city reduced its property tax amount from $1.78 per $1,000 of assessed value in 2019 to $1.15 per $1,000 in 2020. Increase in the assessed value of homes is also a contributor to higher property taxes.

The County Assessor’s website has a look at overall property tax distribution and a way to look up the specific tax rates for your individual property. They also provide information about tax exemptions and other property tax relief programs.

Property Tax History - City of Marysville Tax Rates

Included below are the property tax rates assessed by the City of Marysville by year and the average assessed value of homes.

YearAverage Assessed ValueCity of Marysville Taxing District (rate | taxes)Marysville EMS Taxing District (rate | taxes)Total City of Marysville Taxes
2020$336,800$1.15 | $387.80$0.50 | $168.40$1.65 | $556.20
2019$308,300$1.78 | $549.60$0.50 | $153.31$2.28 | $702.91
2018$276,300$1.97 | $544.31$0.50 | $138.15$2.47 | $682.46
2017$248,700$2.16 | $537.19$0.39 | $96.99$2.55 | $634.19
2016$230,700$2.28 | $526.00$0.40 | $92.28$2.68 | $618.28
2015$210,100$2.44 | $512.64$0.43 | $90.34$2.87 | $602.99
2014$182,400$2.72 | $496.13$0.47 | $85.73$3.19 | $581.86
2013$166,200$2.91 | $483.64$0.50 | $83.10$3.41 | $566.74
2012$182,700$2.69 | $491.46$0.50 | $91.35$3.19 | $582.81
2011$211,300$2.34 | $494.44$0.50 | $105.65$2.84 | $600.09
2010$240,500$2.02 | $485.81$0.50 | $120.25$2.52 | $606.06

City Finance Department

As a steward of your tax dollars, the City of Marysville is proud to have earned 12 consecutive years of clean financial audits from the Washington State Auditor's Office.
The City of Marysville Finance Department provides financial services for the city. The Finance Department provides staff and citizens with services in accounting, taxes, treasury, budgeting, capital investment, purchasing and contracting.
Open Finance

Open Finance - The City of Marysville's Citizen Transparency Website

The City's Open Finance website provides a searchable, transparent look at the city's budget and spending. This site give users a variety of tools to filter, sort, and visualize data. Users are able to drill down several layers and view different options, as well as download data sets for additional analysis.
Open Finance includes budget and actual data for the City’s revenue and expenses since January 2017. The various sources and uses of City funds are illustrated. This site also includes detailed information on the City’s vendor payments since January 2017. This site also highlights the top program, vendor and categories of expenses.

Find a glossary of budget terms and more information on the City's budget process online.

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Marysville earns award for financial reporting excellence

In February 2020, the City of Marysville again received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officer Association of the U.S. and Canada (GFOA).

The award commends the city for its comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). A CAFR is a government financial statement that looks at long-term financial trends and goes beyond minimums established for public sector employees. The CAFR was judged by an impartial panel to meet the high standards of the program, which includes the city demonstrating a constructive “spirit of full disclosure” to clearly communicate its financial story. 

“The CAFR award represents our team’s commitment to excellence and transparency,” said Finance Director Sandy Langdon. “We are honored to receive this achievement.”