Community Connections neighborhood meetings

Community Connections
Community Connections neighborhood meetings
Community Connections

The city held a series of neighborhood meetings between May 10 and May 18, 2023, to share about city programs and projects and hear from residents. City representatives including Police, Public Works, Planning and land development, and Parks were in attendance to discuss issues affecting neighborhoods and hear your ideas. 

Some content was consistent across all meetings, while other information was tailored to specific neighborhood concerns. Click on the link below that most closely represents your neighborhood to view the presentation. 

Community Connections

Community Connections map
  1. Kellogg Marsh, Marshall, Shoultes
  2. Lakewood, Smokey Point
  3. Getchell Hill, Pinewood
  4. Sunnyside, East Sunnyside
  5. Downtown, Jennings Park

Download PDF of the meeting presentation



  • Community Connections
  • City of Marysville Strategic Initiatives

Public Safety

  • Crime Statistics
  • Enforcement areas of focus

Community Development

  • Residential and Business Development
  • Project Development Map

Infrastructure Improvements

  • State Avenue Widening
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Transportation Benefit District Road Maintenance
  • Quiet Zones for BNSF Main Line

Parks, Culture and Recreation

  • Mother Nature’s Window
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Community Center