Form of Government

Composition & Organization
The City of Marysville is a council-mayor form of government. Seven residents are elected at-large who make up the council. Non-partisan elections are staggered, with positions five, six and seven and the mayoral elections held in the same year, while positions one, two, three and four elections are held two years hence. All serve four-year terms.

The Mayor
The mayor, who serves full time, presides over all meetings of the council and is recognized as the head of the city for ceremonial purposes. The mayor also has the power to supervise the other executive and administrative officers in the performance of their official duties, although these duties are most often managed by a city administrative officer. The council selects one of its own members to serve a one-year term as mayor pro tem.

Chief Administrative Officer
The City Council appoints the chief administrative officer, who is responsible for the efficient, ongoing day-to-day operation of all city services as set forth by the council. The chief administrative officer also works closely with the mayor and council to assist them in formulating policies and programs.