Utility bill drop box located at 5th & Delta

The drive-through utility bill drop box has moved to the corner of 5th & Delta near the Marysville Civic Center. We also offer several other ways to pay your utility bill.

Utility Billing Payment Portal

Click here for instructional videos. 

Click here to see instructions for NEW users.

Click here to see instructions for EXISTING users.

Once-a-month garbage customers

Please put your garbage cart out on the first full week of each month on your normal collection day. See the schedule to the left.

If snow or other events prevent safe collection of garbage or recycling, the City will collect double on the next collection day or, if circumstances permit, later in the collection week. Please see www.marysvillewa.gov, social media, or announcements regarding collection.  The City will collect when safe to do so, as such, there is no credit given as all materials will be collected.

Leak Adjustments and Discounted Rates

Visit our Discounts & Rebates page for more information on low-income senior/low-income disabled rates and leak adjustments. 

Utility Tax Disclosure

The amount billed for each of the services below include the following taxes:

State Business & Occupation Tax1.75 %1.75%1.75%N/A
State Public Utility Tax5.03%3.85%N/A3.86%
City Utility Tax8.50%8.50%8.50%15.00%