Downtown Master Plan

Help us update the vision for downtown Marysville's future

We want to learn about specific assets, opportunities, and challenges downtown and the different sub-districts within it. We also want to hear the values you think should guide future development. Use your knowledge of Marysville to mark up the map, add comments, and share your vision for the future.

What is the Downtown Master Plan?

The Marysville Downtown Master Plan lays out key recommendations and implementation strategies to guide the future growth, development, and redevelopment of the downtown study area. The plan focuses on a number of key topics, including development options, transportation, utilities, street improvements, and parks and trails. The recommendations related to these topics lay out the framework to revitalize downtown by investing in infrastructure, addressing barriers to redevelopment and spurring economic development, all while enhancing environmental quality.

Supporting documents include a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) and an Addendum to the EIS.