Business Watch

3rd Street businesses

Marysville and Tulalip Police are working together with business owners on the Business Watch Program, which aims to combat the types of property crime that stifle commerce. Shoplifting alone costs retailers more than $13 billion annually.

The program lets business owners take control of what happens in their business community and reduce their chances of becoming a victim through cooperation and education. Business Watch helps teach merchants to ‘crime-proof’ their own properties, watch over their neighbor businesses’ property, and report and document suspicious behavior. Simple day-to-day changes - such as being vigilant or instituting changes inside and outside the office - can help reduce the chance of being a victim.

The current trends and types of crimes that affect local businesses include:

  • credit card fraud
  • forgery
  • employee theft
  • shoplifting
  • burglary or robbery
  • vehicle prowls and/or auto theft
  • vandalism