Surface Water Inspections

Marysville Surface Water Inspections

The City of Marysville implements a source control program under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit. The source control program helps to prevent pollution at its source, with inspections being a key component of how this is accomplished.

As surface water from storms in Marysville makes its way to Puget Sound, it must pass through the City’s surface water system. The surface water system consists of a combination of catch basins, pipes, ditches, and storm drains and is not connected to the city sewer. The surface water system does not clean or treat rainwater before it is released into our ecosystem..

All developers are required to manage or treat surface water from their site before it enters the surface water system. The City of Marysville inspects treatment and control methods used by developers and property owners to ensure proper function and determine if maintenance is required. Protocol for conducting inspections, and determining maintenance requirements are outlined in the Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington (2005) as published by the Washington Department of Ecology, and adopted into Marysville Municipal Code (MMC) 14.15.015.

Additional Resources

In addition to the links regarding private and business facility inspections to the left of the page, please see the following documents concerning maintenance of your storm water system:

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