Surface water inspections

Marysville surface water inspections

The City of Marysville implements multiple inspection programs to reduce pollution in stormwater. These include:

  • Public stormwater system inspections
  • Private stormwater system inspections
  • Business inspections
  • Construction site inspections

The City of Marysville inspects treatment and control methods used by developers and property owners to ensure proper function and determine if maintenance is required. Protocol for conducting inspections, and determining maintenance requirements are outlined in the Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington (2019) published by the Washington Department of Ecology, and Title 14 of the Marysville Municipal Code (MMC).

Additional resources 

Please see the following documents concerning maintenance of your storm water system:

Catch Basin Maintenance (PDF)

Maintenance Standards for Drainage Facilities (Appendix V-A)

Drainage Maintenance Contractor List (PDF)