Private facilities inspections

The City of Marysville was issued a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit by the Washington State Department of Ecology in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act. This permit requires that all development control or treat stormwater prior to discharge into the City’s drainage system. The City of Marysville conducts routine maintenance inspections to ensure that the surface water systems continue to operate as designed to protect private property, City infrastructure, and the environment.

Inspection process

A surface water inspector will conduct an on-site inspection of privately owned stormwater systems on an annual basis, following a request, or as a response to complaints about the private facility. If the site owner would like to be present during the inspection, or if property access is restricted, please contact the surface water inspector to schedule an appointment.

Following the site inspection, the property owner will be sent a report with the inspection results. If maintenance or repairs are required on the system, the report will include a letter outlining required maintenance. A list of qualified drainage contractors will also be provided to the property owner as an informational handout to assist in expediting repairs of the system.

Responsibility as an owner

As the owner of a private facility, it is your responsibility to maintain the stormwater system. The City of Marysville performs the inspection to ensure property maintenance is being performed and the system is functioning as designed. If the system requires maintenance and the maintenance is not conducted in a voluntary, timely manner, the City may involve code enforcement and begin a progressive process to gain compliance. Owner responsibilities, maintenance standards and enforcement are outlined in MMC 14.17.

Proper and timely maintenance of stormwater facilities is imperative to reducing flooding, maintaining the City’s stormwater infrastructure, and protecting water resources. Please feel free to contact Marysville Surface Water if you have questions about ownership or maintenance of your stormwater facilities.