Business Inspections

The Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) was formed in 2008 to protect and restore Puget Sound and the surrounding watersheds from environmental damage. As part of the Puget Sound Partnership, the Department of Ecology and 24 local agencies, including the City of Marysville, are working with local businesses to avoid contamination, reduce impacts from stormwater pollution, and eliminate potential sources of toxics and hazardous wastes from entering Puget Sound.

Inspection Process

The City of Marysville conducts pollution prevention technical assistance inspections for local business that generate small amounts of dangerous and hazardous wastes. During these visits your current business practices will be reviewed and technical assistance will be provided in the following areas: stormwater management, hazardous waste management, solid waste management and recycling, and pollution prevention.

These visits are generally non-regulatory. Our intent is to work cooperatively with business owners to improve the handling of waste materials and reduce the potential impact to the environment. If areas in need of improvement are identified, information detailing ways to reduce the potential environmental impact of your business will be provided. The City of Marysville surface water department is also available to provide follow-up support when implementing changes.

Protection of Puget Sound will help keep this resource viable for generations to come, while protecting public health and the environment. If you have questions about our business assistance visits, or would like to schedule a visit, please call the City of Marysville Surface Water Inspector at 360.363.8280.