Capital Improvement Projects

The Capital Project map identifies the location of projects that the city plans to improve. The information will provide the public with information as to where the project is in the process.

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80th Street NE Non-Motorized Improvements

The project will add and match existing sidewalks along 80th Street NE from 47th Avenue NE to 51st Avenue NE, along with a center turn lane and bike lanes from State Avenue to 51st Avenue NE. The project was awarded $270,000 from the Puget Sound Regional Council and and another $500,000 from the WSDOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Program. Construction began in spring 2022.

LID Improvements for 2nd Street

The LID Improvements for 2nd Street project involves construction of Low Impact Development improvements (LID) from Columbia Avenue to 47th Avenue along 2nd Street. The project includes bioretention areas, traffic circles, boulevard medians, bulb-outs and replacement of portions of existing cast iron water main along 2nd Street.  The project also includes installation of ADA parking stalls, landscaping and revised channelization.  A Washington State Department of Ecology grant, in the amount of $250,000.00, is helping to fund design.  A subsequent Ecology grant is providing construction funding in the amount of $1,130,918.71.   Construction on this $3.6 Million project began in the summer of 2022 and is anticipated to be complete by February of 2023.  The general contractor for this project is SRV Construction, out of Bellingham.

Strawberry Field Turf

This project involves improvements to the northwest soccer field at the Strawberry Fields Athletic Complex. Improvements include converting the natural grass field to synthetic turf as well as constructing additional spectator bleacher seating with ADA access, team benches, security fencing, and drainage improvements. A playground will be constructed as part of the Park Playground Replacements project. The city received $1M from Snohomish County and $140,000 from Amazon for this project. Construction is expected to begin in March 2023 and to be completed by June 2023.

2023 Pavement Preservation Project

The 2023 Pavement Preservation Project will include resurfacing the following streets:

  •  5th St from Delta Ave to State Ave 
  • 6th St from Delta Ave to State Ave 
  • 7th St from Delta Ave to State Ave
  • Delta Ave from 4th St to 5th St
  • Cedar Ave from 4th St to Grove St
  • 10th St from State Ave to 47th Ave
  • 80th St NE from State Ave to 51st Ave
  • 83rd Ave NE (spot repairs) from 44th St NE to 64th St NE
  • 132nd Pl NE from 48th Ave NE to 51st Ave NE
  • 48th Ave NE from 130th Pl NE to 132nd Pl NE
  • 130th Pl NE from 48th Ave NE to 51st Ave NE
  • 73rd St NE from 67th Ave NE to 68th Ave NE
  • 132nd St NE from 51st Ave NE east to the County line. 

This project will also involve the replacement of several sidewalk ramps to meet ADA standards.  Total estimated construction cost is $7.9 million and is funded from the City’s Transportation Benefit District (TBD) program. In addition, the city will also resurface State Ave from 1st to Grove and 116th St NE I-5 to State Ave.  The city received federal funding of $895,000 for 116th St NE and $2 million for State Ave through the National Highway System (NHS) program. Construction for the projects listed above are expected to be constructed in summer of 2023.  

Downtown Stormwater Treatment Facility Project – Ecology 7.6 M Grants

This project is funded through a partnership with Ecology. Awarded in March to McClure and Sons for $10.9 M, the project is under construction, and is about 40% complete. The project includes a lift station, piping and valves, treatment cells, and large screening vaults adjacent to the BNSF property. The large vaults will remove oils, trash, and sediment upstream of the treatment areas. The treatment cells will contain media that will remove finer and dissolved contaminants. The result will be a facility producing clean stormwater that also functions as a park with interesting features accessible to the public. Completion scheduled for fall 2023, the facility will treat stormwater to full Ecology standards for the downtown area.

Sunnyside/52nd Signal

The project will construct a traffic signal and install ADA compliant ramps at the existing all-way stop controlled intersection of Sunnyside Blvd. & 52nd St NE.  This also includes restriping the existing roadways to accommodate left turn lanes and bicycle lanes from all approaches.  Funding for this project includes $250,000 from the City funds including Transportation Benefit District (TBD) funds and $1,020,371 from the Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program (CMAQ).   Note that the CMAQ funding includes a $484,431 construction supplement due to the increase cost of inflation and supply chain issues.

This project is one of multiple projects that will be completed within the next 2-3 years which will provide the Soper Hill Road/Sunnyside Blvd./61st St NE/1st St direct connection from SR 9 to I-5.  Substantial increases in traffic volumes are expected upon Sunnyside Blvd. with the completion of the WSDOT Connecting Washington projects of SR 529 Interchange and I-5 HOV lanes (Everett to Marysville) via the completed 1st St Bypass project.  The proposed project will reduce the anticipated delay and provide for greater safety and mobility for all users.  Construction is currently underway by Kamins Construction, Inc. with a total construction contract of $1,179, 621.  The project is estimated to be complete by fall of 2023. 

Sunnyside/53rd Signal and Shared Use Path

This project will construct a traffic signal at the intersection of 61st St NE & 53rd Ave NE as well as a multi-use path along 53rd Ave NE between 64th St NE (SR 528) and 61st St NE to connect Jennings Park trails to the Ebey Waterfront Trail system.  Stormwater runoff from the roadway will be treated by a bio-retention swale with an infiltration gallery along 53rd Ave NE.  The project will improve traffic safety at the intersection, fill in the missing gap of sidewalk on the east side of 53rd Ave NE, construct ADA compatible facilities at the intersections and treat stormwater runoff from the roadway prior to discharging to Ebey Slough.  Funding for this project includes $250,000 from the City’s Transportation Benefit District (TBD) funds, $655,000 from the Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program (CMAQ) and $320,000 from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB).  Total project cost is estimated at over $1.2 million for design, right-of-way and construction.  Construction is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2023.

Pump Track

This project will design and construct an approximately 12,000-15,000 square foot earthen track, with 10-foot-wide asphalt paths in Jennings Park.   This pump track will consist of a series of rollers and banked turns (berms) that is designed to be ridden by cyclists via “pumping of the bike” instead of pedaling.  While pump tracks were originally designed to be ridden by bicycles exclusively this pump track will be paved with asphalt allowing skateboards, skates, rollerblades, and even wheelchairs to use the track. Construction is expected to begin Summer 2023.

State Avenue (104th to 116th) Construction

This project serves as an extension of “Phase I” from 100th St NE to 104th Pl Ne that was completed in 2022.  Like that project, this one will widen the State Avenue corridor from three lanes to five, implement “under-grounding” of existing overhead utilities, and improve safety through signal upgrades, roadway illumination, and construction of sidewalks.  Another similarity to the Phase I project is the fact that this project benefits as well from a significant funding contribution by the City’s long-standing partner — the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) — in the form of a $4 Million construction grant.  The City anticipates having this project advertised for construction right after the first of the year, and that construction will be under way in spring 2023. With a total estimated cost of $9.2 Million, construction is anticipated to be complete in the fall of 2024.

Grove Street Overcrossing

The Grove Street Overcrossing Project will construct an arterial roadway overpass, replacing an at-grade railroad crossing that will span the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway mainline railway track on Grove Street from State Avenue to Cedar Avenue. This overpass will address all modes of traffic and will include three travel lanes, bicycle lanes and pedestrian sidewalks. The challenges this Project seeks to address include frequent blockages of east-west traffic with resulting network congestion, serious injuries from train-vehicle collisions, emergency response delays by police and fire services, intermodal inefficiencies, disconnected community, and noise and air pollution. Benefits will include improved public safety, transportation network efficiency, and reduced social and environmental impacts.

Both Marysville and Washington State are deeply committed to this project, with $5 million from the 2022 Move Ahead WA, $3 million from the Community Project Funding via Representative Rick Larsen’s office, and local funds allocated to the Design and Right-Of-Way process.  The Project will complete PE and ROW in 2025 to begin construction in 2026.