Collision Investigation Unit

Photo shows a multiple vehicle collision

The Collision Investigation Unit or CIU is made up of officers who have specialized collision investigation training. The CIU officers investigate fatality collisions, or those collisions that result in serious damage or injury.

In some cases, a CIU investigation will result in criminal charges such as Felony Eluding, Felony Impaired Driving, or Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide. Additionally, these investigations may include vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, trains, and aircraft.

Our CIU also assists other police agencies throughout Snohomish County through a mutual aid request.

You can contact the CIU via email. This contact information is to be utilized for follow up on major collisions only. These include fatal, serious injury, or major damage collisions

Supplemental Reports for minor collisions can be added on the My Crime Report website, as long as you have the full case number of the original collision report.

For follow up to minor collisions when you have the case number and/or Officer’s name, please contact those Officers through our Records Unit at 360-363-8300.

Tips on collisions or any crime can also be given at the My Crime Report website.

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