Text reads "N.I.T.E" over a silhouette of a police car with it's lights on

Marysville Police Department’s specialized proactive policing unit, also known as the Pro-Act Team or NITE Team, is dedicated to resolving neighborhood livability concerns and urgent community issues through modern proactive policing techniques and community partnerships. Pro-Act officers conduct complex criminal cases, keenly focused on narcotics violations, violent offenders and re-offending criminal circles within the community.

Additionally, the Pro-act Team works closely with Washington State Department of Corrections to identify and target wanted DOC offenders within, and surrounding, the Marysville community.

The primary focus for the NITE Team can be found in their name:

  • N Neighborhood Livability Issues
  • I Intelligence/Surveillance/Investigations
  • T Target/Arrest Offenders
  • E Education