Disaster preparedness

Disaster can strike quickly and without warning. It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or keep you in your home. What would you do if basic services, such as water, gas, electricity, or telephones were cut off? You and your family should be prepared to take care of yourselves for two weeks or more following a major disaster. The Puget Sound area is susceptible to wind and winter storms, chemical spills, floods, fires, earthquakes, mud slides, train derailments, and power outages.

Preparing for an emergency doesn't have to be overwhelming. Stay informed, make a plan, build a kit and get involved. 

For more information, visit Ready.gov

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Free Classes

If you are interested in registering for any class offerings in our Preparedness Class series through the Marysville Parks Department Adult and Senior class programs, please visit here. (Pro Tip: use the search bar with the keyword "prepare" to see which classes are coming up.)

To get notified of upcoming preparedness training opportunities hosted by Marysville Emergency Management and partners, fill out the interest form located here

This photo shows people sitting in a preparedness class.

Prepare In a Year

When the next disaster happens, will you be ready? If not, make it a goal to Prepare in a Year. By taking one step each month for the next 12 months, you can gradually build a comprehensive preparedness plan. This approach allows you to prioritize different aspects of preparedness, such as creating emergency kits, developing communication plans, and learning essential skills. By spreading the tasks over a year, the program helps you avoid the need to invest significant time and money all at once, making it more manageable and affordable. 

Every member of the family needs to be involved so that when disaster strikes, everyone will know what to do. How well you manage the aftermath of a disaster depends a great deal on your level of preparedness before disaster strikes. Use this guide to take a step every month for the next 12 months to Prepare in a Year.

To ensure your family is better prepared for the next disaster complete the easy-to-do activities in the Prepare in a Year Booklet.

This image encourages you to complete one disaster preparedness activity a month.