2020 Legislative Priorities

Specific Project Funding Needs

Grove Street Overcrossing | $24M estimated total project cost

Grove Street is a critical east-west corridor in downtown Marysville. A new overcrossing at the BNSF mainline between Cedar Avenue and State Avenue will help eliminate congestion and traffic backups currently experienced due to increasing train traffic through the city. The project is currently at 30% design.

Preliminary Engineering - $2.87M (995K on 30% design) | Right-of-way - $2.5M | Construction - $21M

Grove Street Overcrossing

Ebey Waterfront Trail Phase IV | $500K (right-of-way)

Ebey Waterfront Trail has been constructed in multiple phases over the past few years creating accessibility by land to the city’s waterfront. Phase IV will complete the last remaining 1.28-mile segment of trail, connecting the east and west sides of the trail. Once complete, the trail will provide nearly 6 miles of fully connected trails.

Ebey Waterfront Trail Phase IV

156th Street NE Overcrossing | $17.7M estimated total project cost

The City proposes to reinstate the public railroad crossing with an overcrossing at the BNSF mainline track at 156th Street NE just west of Interstate 5 and about a mile south of the Smokey Point/SR 531 (172nd Street NE) freeway interchange. This would complement and feed into the previously funded freeway interchange at 156th Street NE that will serve the growing Cascade Industrial Center. Total project cost estimate is $17.7M.

Preliminary Engineering - $2.25M | Right-of-way - $500K | Construction - $15M

156th Street NE Overcrossing

Other Priorities

Washington Wildlife and Recreation | Request

The City of Marysville is requesting that funds be protected for dedicated accounts as part of the Supplemental Capital Budget review. The City asks that the Legislature refrain from diverting funds from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) and Youth Athletic Facilities (YAF). The grants awarded to the communities from these programs help to create parks, protect wildlife habitat and preserve working lands. The City of Marysville has two active projects that are set to benefit from these funds. The YAF grant awarded the City $340,928 to construct turf fields and install lighting at Cedar Fields, supporting year-round Little League programming that will serve over 3,000 youth. A two-year fundraising effort generated matching funds for Cedar Field. Olympic View Park is set to receive $500K for the design and development of a new neighborhood park adjacent to the Ebey Waterfront Trail through the WWRP.

Responding to the Opioid Crisis | Request

Marysville, Arlington and Snohomish County initiated an Embedded Social Worker program in 2018 that works with law enforcement to offer help including social services to those in crisis, many of them with drug addiction and/or mental illness. We ask the state to recognize the great impact of these issues on all of our communities and continue to support programs dealing with substance abuse and mental illness. Treatment facilities and housing are some of the greatest programming needs for combating this epidemic affecting our communities, providing aid to those ready and willing to make positive lifestyle changes.