Surface Water Comprehensive Plan

About the Plan

The City of Marysville adopted the 2016 City of Marysville Surface Water Comprehensive Plan as a sub-element of the Public Facilities and Services Element of the Marysville Comprehensive Plan on June 12, 2017. The Surface Water Comprehensive Plan is a planning document that provides guidance to minimize adverse effects of stormwater runoff on ground and surface water in a manner that complies with federal, state, and local surface water regulations. It identifies water quality and quantity problems associated with stormwater runoff that may affect the environment and community and provides recommendations for improvements and programs including a financial analysis and implementation schedule.

The Plan identifies specific structural and nonstructural solutions to quantity and water quality problems within the City. Structural solutions include construction of capital projects such as stormwater detention and treatment facilities, infiltration facilities, pipelines, and culverts. Nonstructural solutions include stormwater management facility inspection and maintenance, public education and outreach, water quality monitoring, implementation of best management practices (BMPs), and regulations encouraging vegetation preservation and low impact development.

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