52nd ST NE/75th Ave NE/58th ST NE (east of 67th Ave NE)

The City of Marysville has been informed by multiple citizens of traffic safety concerns within the neighborhood.  Based upon these concerns, the City Traffic Safety Committee with members from Public Works, Community Development, Police and the Mayor, has evaluated each concern including performance of traffic counts upon several neighborhood streets.  The traffic counts are summarized below:

Severity Score 6.0

Date Count Location
Traffic (ADT)
85% Speed
% greater
than 10 mph
over speed
February 2013
57th ST NE
(east of 58th
633 27.9 31.9 4.4%
September 2016
57th ST NE
72nd DR NE
& 74th DR NE)
672 27.5 32.8 7.8%
February 2016
58th ST NE
59th Ave NE
& 57th ST NE)
303 26.2 33.3 9.5%
November 2016
58th PL NE/
76th Ave NE
(between 58th ST
NE & 56th PL NE)
231 24.2 28.7 1.2%
November 2016
52nd ST NE
71st Ave NE &
73rd Ave NE)
1823 27.1 32.2 5.5%