How can I locate a water leak?
Eliminate and check the easy and obvious locations first.
* Check your water meter. Is the dial on the meter moving? It may require 5 to 10 minutes to determine.
* Check your toilet. Is the water overflowing the drain? Is the flapper valve fully closed? Put dye tablet or food coloring in toilet tank to see if the color goes into the toilet bowl.
* Check all faucets and fixtures for leaks, check under the house for leaks, and check the location where the pipe enters from the meter.
* Listen to your faucets or fixtures. Water rushing through a hole will create a faint noise. In hard-to-reach areas, place the end of a metal rod on the faucet and the other end to your ear.
* Check ground for excess moisture. Are there any unusual wet spots in areas of the water lines? Is the grass greener around the areas of the water lines? The ground will be wetter or saturated in the area of a leak.
* Isolate sections of your pipe by turning off valve(s) to branch lines or the main line. Locate shutoff valve(s). Turn on faucet after the main line valve to insure the valve works. Install isolation valves on branch lines.
* Contact the City of Marysville Public Works at (360) 363-8100 for assistance, if needed.
* Contact your plumber to see if they offer leak checking.
* After repair of the leak, contact the City of Marysville Utility Billing Department at 360-363-8001 to report that the leak has been repaired. You may also request a leak adjustment on your utility bill.

Remember: Call before you dig at 1-800-553-4344, free of charge.

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