Drinking water access?
Yes. A three-tiered people / dogs drinking fountain provides the only water source in the off-leash park. The drinking fountain was donated by HomeStreet Bank in Marysville when the off-leash park opened in December 2008. Adequate water pressure at this time does not allow for a station to hose down dogs that play in the mud. Please do not use local streams to rinse or clean off your dog. These streams are sensitive fish and salmon-bearing streams.

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1. Where is parking located?
2. What about trails?
3. How do I get to the off-leash area?
4. Must dogs be on leash on trails and elsewhere outside the off-leash park?
5. How many people and pets visit the off-leash park in a given year?
6. Picnic tables and benches?
7. Drinking water access?
8. Where are public restrooms located?