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Doleshel Park


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Doleshel Park, once a popular Christmas tree farm. The 6.4-acre park at 9028 67th Avenue NE is located next to Kellogg Marsh Elementary School and Wilcox Farm Community Garden.

Trees on the property were used to create a completely recycled park. Where six-foot tall firs once stood ready for delivery to homes at the holidays, those same rows of trees today are now 40 feet tall or higher.

A centerpiece feature at the park is a sturdy trail bridge spanning the meandering Allen Creek, thanks to an enterprising Eagle Scout project coordinated by Danyon Heacock.

Doleshel Park was purchased through Snohomish County’s Neighborhood Improvement Program in 2007.  

Mulch and gravel surfaces. This is a walking park only. Parking is available on site. There are no restrooms.