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City of Marysville Temporary Rental Assistance Program

  1. Applications will be open July 30th and will be accepted through August 13th.

    No application will be accepted after this deadline. Mailed applications must be received by the deadline.

  2. Mail Applications To:

    Marysville Cares - City of Marysville - 1049 State Ave. Marysville, WA 98270

  3. Apply online or email application to:

  4. Questions?

    Contact Denise Gritton at 360.363.8010

  5. Background:

    The City of Marysville announces the availability of funds for temporary rent relief through the Marysville Temporary Rental Assistance Program. Funding is provided through the Federal 2020 CARES Act to Marysville by grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce.

  6. Goal:

    COVID-19 is causing a catastrophic economic impact nationwide. The City of Marysville is offering a Temporary Rental Assistance Program to provide Marysville residents temporary relief from the impacts of COVID-19 that they may be facing.

  7. Funding:

    The City has $250,000 to distribute to qualifying Marysville residents that are behind on rent and economically impacted by COVID-19. A one-time grant of up to $1,500 may be awarded per residence. The grant does not have to be repaid.

  8. Eligibility Criteria (must meet all of the following)*

  9. 2019 City of Marysville Median Income Levels at 60%*

    Please check your household size if you meet the monthly income threshold:

  10. Eligible costs:

    Eligible costs are for payment or reimbursement of existing and current rent payments. A copy of the rental or lease agreement and income is required.

  11. Applicant Information

  12. First and Last Name

  13. First and Last Name

  14. Please provide first and last name of each additional household member.

  15. Have you been economically impacted by COVID-19?*

  16. Rental Information

  17. (maximum $1,500)

  18. Do you currently receive any type of rental assistance*

  19. Current Income Information: Head of Household

  20. Current Income Information: Other members of household with income

    Please complete this section for any members of your household that are currently receiving income

  21. Additional household members receiving income?

    Please upload additional documentation for each member of your household receiving income showing:

  22. Required Documentation

  23. Please upload a current copy of your lease or rental agreement

  24. Please upload a statement or notice from your landlord showing the amount of rent currently due

  25. Please upload one of the following: pay stubs dated before and after March 1, 2020; a notice of current employment status from employer; or a claim for unemployment

  26. Please upload pay stubs dated before and after March 1, 2020 or a claim for unemployment

  27. Certification

  28. Type first and last name for acknowledgement of certification.

  29. Application is subject to committee review and available funding.

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