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Marysville Business Awards Nomination Form

  1. The City of Marysville presents three business awards annually to outstanding local businesses. You are invited to nominate your favorites in the following categories:

    • Historic Business: A company that has successfully been in business in Marysville for more than 50 years.
    • Obstacle Overcomer: A company that faced one or more significant challenges by adopting a new business practice or strategy.
    • Community Champion: A company that, in addition to its core business, provides significant community support.

    All nominees must be located within Marysville city limits. Nomination are due by March 31. Winners will be announced at the Marysville Business Summit on April 25 at the Marysville Opera House.

    Please indicate the category for this nomination:

    • Historic Business
    • Obstacle Overcomer
    • Community Champion
  2. Owner/Manager contact information
  3. Use examples of actions, services or products that support your nomination. Provide testimonials from others or relevant supporting documentation. 

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