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Request for Service Suspension

  1. I hereby request that the City of Marysville SUSPEND SERVICES

  2. for example: vacant home, snowbird, vacation, etc.

  3. Turn water off (temporary)

    **20 turn-off fee and a $20 turn-on fee. 24 hours advance notification required for turn on.** If the home is connected to city sewer, turning off the water will suspend sewer as well. Your water will be turned off and locked at the meter within 72 hours of receipt of this request, or on the effective date noted above.

  4. Garbage Service (recycle included)

    Service is mandatory per city code MMC 7.08.030 is home is occupied.

  5. Yard Debris Service*

  6. Initial above to acknowledge that storm water charges are still billable, even if the property is vacant.

  7. **MMC 14.05.060**

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