Shattered glass from a window are marked as evidence on the ground

The Marysville Police Department Investigations Division works to serve citizens and actively fight crime through comprehensive and thorough investigations, victim’s assistance, and crime prevention efforts. The division is comprised of an Investigations Commander, Two Detective Sergeants, and eight detectives. The division is comprised of person crimes and property crime.

In the Division, detectives from each of the various areas are under a single command to ensure rapid response to emerging crimes and quality of life issues.

Marysville Police Department Investigations Division works closely with Marysville Police Department Crime Analysts to collect and review real-time information and data regarding crime trends, arrest, and patterns of criminal activity.

Collision Investigation Unit

The division also includes a Collision Investigation Unit that is made up of officers who have specialized collision investigation training. The CIU officers investigate fatality collisions, or those collisions that result in serious damage or injury. They utilize modern methods and technology to measure and document collision scenes utilizing the FARO imaging 3D system.