Why are the City of Marysville and Fire District 12 proposing an RFA?

Fire and emergency medical services are some of the most important services we provide. These services have been delivered under a joint operating agreement through the Marysville Fire District (MFD) for more than 25 years. Since that time, Marysville has grown four times larger in size and the population is more than five times greater.

Key considerations in proposing an RFA include:

  • Population growth is driving increased demand: calls for service have grown nearly 50% since 2011.
  • Service needs are changing: calls for service have grown, straining our ability to serve aging and vulnerable populations. 
  • The current financial model isn't sustainable: expenses are greater than revenues with the MFD projected to carry a $2.5 million gap in funding for 2019. MFD will need to dip into reserves to operate, as it has done for several years.
  • The governance structure isn't representative: although 80% of residents live within city limits, city representation on the Marysville Fire District board is only 60%.

An RFA will meet increased demand and changing needs for services, while creating a sustainable funding model for the future.

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2. Why are the City of Marysville and Fire District 12 proposing an RFA?
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