Make a donation

The City of Marysville appreciates this community's generous support.  Your online donations can be directed toward the following programs.

  • Youth Advocacy Committee - Donations will be used to provide stipends for participating youth during the week-long summer leadership academy, in addition to bringing in guest speakers and trainings.


  • Embedded Social Worker Team - Funds used for short-term emergency housing, meals, clothing and toiletries for people in need, often homeless, entering treatment or social service programs.
  • Domestic Violence Care Kits
  • Anti-bullying Program - Donations support anti-bullying, suicide awareness and suicide prevention programs for school-age youth in the Marysville community.
  • K-9 - Financial donations help pay for canines, canine officer equipment and training aids, dog tug toys and veterinary expenses.
  • Marysville Volunteer Program (MVP) - Funds help purchase crime prevention information for residents.


  • Youth Scholarships - Financial assistance helps low-income youth participate in sports and recreation programs and summer camps.
  • Marysville Opera House - Funds used for building improvements, historical preservation and offering additional cultural programs.
  • Community Center - Donations used to support senior services and general recreational programs.
  • Parks Improvements - Donations help care for current parks/trails and fund future park sites.

When you open our online donation page, there is a dropdown menu where you can select which program you'd like your donation directed to.