Vehicle Water Fill Station Permit

Effective January 1, 2011, anyone who wishes to withdraw water from a City of Marysville designated fill station must apply for a permit, have their vehicle/vessel air gap inspected by our water quality personnel, pay the appropriate fees and be issued a vehicle identification card that must be carried in or on the vehicle at all times while using the city’s fill stations.

Fill station locations

Fill stations are accessible at the following locations:

  • Midway (Fire Station # 63 at 14800 Smokey Point Boulevard)
  • Kellogg Marsh (6605 – 100th Street NE)

Getting a vehicle permit

To obtain a vehicle permit, the requestor must contact the Public Works Water Quality Division at (360) 363-8164 to request a meeting with a Water Quality Specialist (WQS) for an initial vehicle air gap inspection. This inspection is performed to ensure that each vessel the applicant intends to use for water withdrawal incorporates an approved air gap suitable for eliminating potential for cross-connections with the City’s water distribution system. After successful inspection, the requestor will be required to complete the Vehicle Fill Station Permit Application and pay appropriate fees. A vehicle identification card will then be issued for that vehicle. The permit holder is responsible for ensuring that the identification card is present on or in the vehicle and available for inspection at any time when the vehicle is being filled.

Fees and deposit

There is a $100 refundable deposit required as well as a $50 non-refundable set up fee, and a $50 per month non-refundable vehicle fill station utilization fee. In addition, the card holder will be required to pay monthly water consumption charges of $3.50 per 1,000 gallons. The $100 refundable deposit, less accrued monthly fees and usage charges, will be refunded when the permit holder returns the vehicle identification card to the Public Works Department. If the associated costs exceed the deposit amount, the customer will be billed for the remaining fees. The return of the card will terminate the vehicle fill station permit.

If the permit is kept for longer than one year, the vehicle/vessel will be required to have an annual air gap inspection by the city’s water quality staff.

To view the application and more details, please read the Vehicle Fill Station Permit Application.