Allen/Quilceda Watershed Action Team

The Allen/Quilceda Watershed Action (A/QWA) Team is a diverse community group working together to implement the Quilceda/Allen Watershed Management Plan and to improve the overall water quality of streams in the Allen/Quilceda Watershed through education, community outreach, and improvements to the environment. The Team is comprised of representatives from local city, county and state agencies, the Tulalip Tribe, Marysville Schools, non-profit organizations, and local businesses and residents.

Team activities include:

  • The restoration of a section of Jones Creek and the creation of a permanent outdoor environmental educational center
  • Community outreach through newsletters targeted at streamside residents
  • Restoration activities such as planting native plants along stream banks
  • Youth education on such topics as water quality and its effect on stream organisms
  • Earth Day celebration activities

The Team meetings are open to the public at the Marysville Public Works building at 80 Columbia Avenue from 3 to 5 p.m. If you have questions or would like to attend a meeting, please contact Surface Water Management, or (360) 363-8100.

Members of A/QWA Team include: