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Home Occupation Application


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  • General Information

    1. Marysville Municipal Code (MMC) Chapter 22C.190, Home Occupations, outlines the following for home occupations. Pursuant to MMC Section 22A.020.090, “ ‘Home Occupation’ means any activity carried out for gain by a resident and conducted as a customary, incidental, and accessory use in the resident’s home. The occupation shall be secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes.
    2. • A home occupation permit shall not be transferable to any other person, nor shall a home occupation permit be valid at any other address than the one listed on the permit.
    3. • Any home occupation authorized under the provisions of MMC Chapter 22C.190 shall be open to inspection and review at all reasonable times by enforcement officials for purposes of verifying compliance with the conditions of approval and other provisions of MMC 22C.190.
    4. • In granting approval for a home occupation, the reviewing official may attach additional conditions to ensure the home occupation will be in harmony with, and not detrimental to, the character of the residential neighborhood.