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Community Information Reader Board Application

  1. Eligible User Groups
    Service clubs and non-profit organizations offering community activities or events open to the general public
  2. Fee
  3. Use Opportunity
    Authorized groups can have an approved message posted on the Community Information Reader Board for a period not to exceed fourteen (14) days.
  4. Application must be received two weeks prior to the requested posting date.
  5. Requested Information Wording
    There are three available rows. Spacing varies based on letter width; each line holds approximately 30 letters, spaces and punctuation marks. Messages may require editing to fit sizing requirements.
  6. Community Information Reader Board Rules and Policies:
    1) The community Information reader board is available for use by the general public, governmental organizations, the public educational community, community service groups and organizations or businesses with contracts with the City of Marysville to provide public services. 2) All community Information reader board applications must be approved by the City of Marysville Parks, Culture and Recreation Department before any text is posted. 3) Use of the Community Information reader board is on a “first come, first serve basis”, with a maximum of one-year scheduling in advance. 4) It is the policy of the City of Marysville not to discriminate against any participant, client, or user for any services because of race, creed color, national origin, marital status, sex or age. 5) Notices by the City of Marysville shall hold priority above all other postings. 6) The City shall have the authority to prioritize and change postings at any time. 7) The City shall have the authority to determine the duration of the posting. 8) The function of the reader board is to promote and advertise single special events. Advertising ongoing programs or activities is at the discretion of the City. 9) The intent of the reader board is not to advertise continuing/monthly meeting events or schedules. 10) The City reserves the right to refuse to post all or any portion of a message which promotes any activity which is illegal under City, State or Federal law, or which is defamatory, misleading, fraudulent, obscene or indecent.
  7. Unacceptable types of information would include:
    1) Information which is not of general public interest. 2) Commercial advertising; provided, that this shall not prohibit fund raising promotions and the sale of products or services by non-profit organizations and community service groups. 3) Political advertising and campaigning for issues and candidates. 4) Lottery information.
  8. Liability Waiver
    The undersigned, for and in consideration of permission being granted by the City of Marysville for the use by the undersigned of the City facilities hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the City of Marysville and all elected officials, agents and employees thereof, and to save the same harmless from and against all actions or causes of actions, claims, demands, liabilities, loss, damage or expense of whatsoever kind of nature, use of City Park property and facilities for the above described purpose by the undersigned. It is further understood and agreed, as a condition of the permission granted to the undersigned by the City of Marysville, the undersigned and its agents shall at all times comply with all rules and regulations, and with all directions and instruction of City employees. This is permission to use City of Marysville facilities only. It in no way replaces any permit or license required by any other organization.
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