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Mayor's Volunteer of the Month Award Nomination Form

  1. Eligibility and Criteria for the Award

    The Volunteer of the Month nominee should be committed to making the City of Marysville a better community through voluntary personal service to meet community needs. The nominee will be considered based on initiative and good work achieved through volunteer service. Nominations should be made for direct service, board service or administrative volunteering. Individuals may be nominated by an individual, agency, corporation, or organization. Nominees must be residents of Marysville.

  2. Nominee Information

    Please fill out information for the person you are nominating:

  3. Tips for Completing the Nomination Form

    Please use the next section to highlight how your nominee volunteers to serve our community. Consider including information on the need for the service the nominee is delivering. Additionally you could include details if they started a new organization, are using new methods to solve problems, initiated activities, or built collaboration with other organizations. Please include an additional reference that the city can contact regarding the nominees contributions to the community.

  4. Please use the section above to highlight how your nominee volunteers to serve our community.

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