Sponsor a Community Event

Marysville is a unique and special place to live and work where businesses thrive and recreational opportunities abound. Marysville provides opportunities for people to come together by offering a wide range of community events to over 70,000 citizens and neighboring community members. The City of Marysville hosts over 80 events annually with a total attendance around 40,000 people.

City staff partner with local businesses and organizations to offer well-known events for the Marysville community. The City’s robust event calendar is designed to offer a variety of events that enhance the quality of life and community experience where people feel welcome and engaged in Marysville. 

Sponsorship levels are designed to help organizations maximize promotional opportunities. These events are advertised through the City’s website and social media pages; banners and flyers; and online calendar postings. Sponsors have direct access to event attendees, as well as additional coverage in event marketing. 

No matter what your business or budget, there is a sponsorship opportunity that will help promote your business, and build stronger community connections. Sponsorship levels start at $350 and go up to $10,000. 

Most of our events are supported through the generous sponsorship of local businesses. We truly couldn't do it without the support of our local businesses! Contact Dave Hall at dhall@marysvillewa.gov to see how your business can get involved or to submit your Sponsor Interest Form

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