City taxes

Marysville collects general taxes from businesses primarily through special local taxes on specific types of business activity including the utility tax, gambling tax and admissions tax. For a detailed breakdown, please visit the City Taxes page.

Business and special taxes

The City of Marysville administers several taxes and regulatory licenses that affect businesses inside the city limits:

Utility tax

This tax is similar to the business and occupation tax (B&O tax), but it is imposed on utility businesses (Marysville has no B&O tax). The business activities affected by this tax are natural gas, electricity and telephone. The rates are 5%, 5% and 6%, respectively. A business registration and utility tax returns are required for this tax. To learn more, reference the utility tax code

Admissions tax

Register your business electronically for Marysville admissions tax

Levied on persons who pay an admission charge for entrance to an event or establishment. The tax is collected for the city by the business charging the admission, similar to the sales tax. The admission tax is computed on the ticket price. The rate is $0.01 for each $0.20 paid for the admission charge. A certificate of registration filed with the Finance Director and a business license are required for this tax. To learn more, reference the admissions tax code

Gambling activities tax

All persons licensed by the Washington State Gambling Commission to conduct gambling activities in the city are required to pay the gambling activities tax. Gambling activities include bingo games, raffles, amusement games, social card games and punchboards and pulltabs. The tax rate is 5%. A business registration and gambling tax returns are required to pay this tax. Raffles and amusement games conducted by a charitable or nonprofit organization are exempt. To learn more, reference the gambling activities tax code

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