Infrastructure projects

SR529/I-5 Interchange

This project will extend the northbound HOV lane from Everett to Marysville and complete the current half interchange by constructing a new I-5 northbound off-ramp to SR529 and new southbound on-ramp from SR529 to I-5. The project will reduce congestion at the interchange of I-5/SR528 and allow traffic to avoid at-grade crossings with the railroad, which causes significant delays to the surrounding road system. The project is funded under the Connecting Washington Program, approved by the Washington State Legislature in the summer of 2015. The project is now being administered by the Washington State Department of Transportation. View the project details using the link below:

WSDOT Project Page

I-5 AND SR529 Interchange

Grove Street Overcrossing

Grove Street is a critical east-west corridor in downtown Marysville.  Building a new overcrossing at the railroad crossing between Cedar Ave. and State Ave. will help to eliminate significant congestion and lengthy traffic backups currently experienced due to increasing train traffic through the city.  The project was identified through a 2015 At-Grade Railroad Crossing Study as the most cost-effective overcrossing location.  The City has completed 30% design on the project and we are seeking additional funds to complete the design and to construct the project.

Grove St

1st Street Bypass

The 1st St. Bypass project is an integral bypass needed to route traffic utilizing the new SR529/I-5 Interchange from the City's Downtown.  It will add a new 3-5 lane arterial connection on 1st St. from State Ave. to 47th Ave. NE.  This project is needed to help mitigate traffic congestion through the Downtown area as a result of the new interchange proposed at SR529 and I-5. The project will be complete by October 2020.


2nd Street and Cedar Avenue Improvements

Improvements for the 2nd Street and Cedar Avenue project will include the construction of Low Impact Development facilities (bioretention cells and permeable pavers) along 2nd Street from Columbia Avenue to 47th and along Cedar Avenue from 1st Street to 4th Street. The project will also construct roadway improvements including bulb-outs, traffic circles, high visibility pedestrian crossings, bike lanes and boulevard medians. The improvements will be similar to those that were constructed on 1st and 3rd Street. The goal of this project is to improve water quality in the Ebey Slough by providing treatment of stormwater from the existing roadway. The project will also provide for pedestrian improvements and beautification of the city owned right-of-way. The project is partially funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE).

Future SWIFT Route

Community Transit has long term plans to expand its SWIFT bus rapid transit route onto State Avenue through Marysville.

Capital Improvement Projects

To learn more about current and upcoming projects, view the Capital Improvement Projects page.