Infrastructure improvements

172nd Street NE172nd St

As a part of the Lakewood Neighborhood Master Plan, there are planned improvements for 172nd St. NE to provide a safe, comfortable corridor for people walking and biking in addition to arterial improvements. The plans call for attractive landscaped median and buffers and builds on vehicular improvements for the area.

Arterial ImprovementsDSCN2647

A grid street system is planned for the Lakewood neighborhood, with interconnecting trails for a traditional urban setting. Recent developer funded arterial improvements have included the roundabout at 23rd Ave. NE and SR 531, which will support access to the 23rd and 169th connector along with other improvements along SR 531.

156th St. NE Interchange156th Overpass

This project will convert the recently completed 156th St. NE overcrossing at Interstate 5 to a full Single Point Interchange, thereby improving access to North Marysville, Lakewood and Smokey Point employment centers.  The project is fully funded under the Connecting Washington Program, approved by the Washington State legislature during the summer of 2016.  Preliminary work on the project is estimated to begin in 2025. Construction would be complete by end of 2031.

156th St. NE Overcrossing156th Former at grade RR crossing

This project will construct an overcrossing at 156th St. NE and the railroad crossing west of Interstate 5. The overcrossing will provide alternative access to and from the future interchange at 156th St. NE and I-5 for motorists west of the railroad tracks. This project is currently unfunded and the City is pursuing funds to start design. (pictured to the right is the former at-grade railroad crossing at 156th St. NE)

Capital Improvement Projects

To learn more about current and upcoming projects, view the Capital Improvement Projects page.