Civil Service Commission


  • 9:30 a.m.
  • Third Wednesday of every month
  • Marysville Civic Center
    501 Delta Avenue
    Marysville, WA  98270

About the Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is responsible for adopting rules for the regulation of personnel administration within the City of Marysville Police Department.  They oversee the recruitment and selection processes including a competitive testing program to determine the qualifications of persons interested in such employment.

The Commission has three members who are appointed by the Mayor and serve six-year terms.  By state law, Civil Service Commissioners must be U.S. citizens, residents of the City of Marysville for three years, and qualified to vote in Snohomish County.


  • Teri Lester - Civil Service Chief Examiner
  • Patricia Dalrymple
  • William Foster
  • Brad Thompson

Additional Information

For more information concerning the Civil Service Commission, contact Human Resources at (360) 363-8000.