35th ST NE (west of 83rd Ave NE)

Based upon citizen concerns regarding the 35th ST NE roadway connection between 79th Ave NE and 83rd Ave NE to be provided as part of the Patey Development, traffic calming was requested on 35th ST NE.

The Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) developed a proposed project per the Neighborhood Traffic Safety (NTS) policy consisting of a traffic circle at the intersection of 81st DR NE & 35th ST NE.

Project Diagram

The City performed a neighborhood  survey to determine project support.  A tally of 60% or greater, "yes" was required for installation to be authorized.  Of the 32 respondents, only 56% voted "yes" for the NTS project and therefore the project was NOT approved.

The traffic calming project will NOT be constructed at this time and the neighborhood may restart the NTS process in three (3) years or upon completion of the Patey Development.