84th St. NE/55th Ave. NE (51st Ave. NE to 100th St. NE) 

**Construction is tentatively planned for the summer of 2023**

The City of Marysville has been informed by multiple citizens of traffic safety concerns within the neighborhood.  Based upon these concerns, the City Traffic Safety Committee (now NTS program) has evaluated each concern including performance of traffic counts upon several neighborhood streets.  The traffic counts are summarized below:

Severity Score 6.0

Date Location
Average Daily
Traffic (ADT)
85% Speed
% of vehicles
traveling greater
than 10 mph over
25 mph speed
August 2014
55th Ave. NE
(south of 95th
St. NE)
1915 26.5 30.9 2.5%
September 2015
55th Ave. NE
(near 92nd St. NE)
913 28.9 34.8 14.3%
February 2017
55th Ave. NE
(between 84th
St. NE & 88th
St. NE)
1741 28.7 33.3 8.9%

The 85% speed is the commonly accepted engineering value indicating the speed at which 85% of drivers fall under and is found to be the speed at which the majority of drivers feel is a safe speed given the roadway conditions and surrounding environment. The 85% speed is also the value typically used to set speed limits and evaluate compliance with speed limits.

Residential roadways with a consistent speeding problem which may be effectively altered with traffic calming device installation typically have greater than 3% of drivers traveling at greater than 10 mph over the speed limit.

Based upon the cumulative results of the neighborhood traffic data, the Public Works Departments through the NTS program has determined that traffic calming device installation is necessary upon 84th ST NE from 51st AVE to 55th AVE NE, as well as 55th AVE NE from 84th ST NE to 100th ST NE.

A survey is being performed presently and until Wednesday, March 22nd of 2023 in order to solicit approval from all properties within 600' of a proposed traffic calming device or whose sole access(es) would be impacted by traffic calming device installation.  To move forward with the installation, greater than 60% of respondents were required to tally "yes" for the proposal. The proposal received over 60% approval and will be constructed.

This NTS project proposal includes the installation of eight (8) speed tables and two (2) raised crosswalks at the following approximate locations:

  • 9806 55th Ave. NE (speed table) 
  • 9604 55th Ave. NE (speed table) 
  • 9513 55th Ave. NE (speed table) 
  • 9304 55th Ave. NE (speed table) 
  • 9025 55th Ave. NE (speed table) 
  • 8829 55th Ave. NE (speed table) 
  • 8611 55th Ave. NE (speed table) 
  • 8421 55th Ave. NE (speed table)
  • 84th St. NE & 53rd Dr. NE (east leg raised crosswalk)
  • 84th St. NE & 52nd Dr. NE (west leg raised crosswalk)