Sewer Rates

Through its City-operated sewer collection system, Marysville treats and safely discharges wastewater at a current rate of about 6 million gallons per day for more than 22,000 connections inside the City and within Urban Growth Area (UGA) boundaries. Bi-monthly rates shown here are in addition to the base fee:

2020 Sewer Rates- Residential, Multi-Family& Hotels/Motels - (Bi-monthly)

City Rate
Rural Rate
Outside UGA Rate
Single-family residential$89.66 $134.50$179.34
Multi-family residential (p/unit)$85.26 $127.88$170.53
Hotels/Motels (p/unit)$62.81 $94.21$125.61

2020 Sewer Rates for Commercial - (Bi-monthly)

ClassificationCity RateRural RateOutside UGA
Commercial minimum$89.66$134.50$179.34
Class 1 (31-100 mg/l)*$1.88 $2.83$3.76
Class 2 (101-200 mg/l)*$2.59$3.89$5.17
Class 3 (201-300 mg/l)*$3.31$4.96$6.61
Class 4 (301-400 mg/l)*$4.02$6.02$8.04
Class 5 (401-500 mg/l)*$4.73$7.09$9.45
Class 6 (501-600 mg/l)*$6.87$10.32$13.73
Overnight camping

Individual connections p/unit$62.81$94.22 $125.60
Other connections each$85.26$127.88$170.51


Per 1,000 gallons

Restaurants w/o grease trap surcharge


mg/l - milligrams per liter
 * per 1,000 gallons