Public defender information

How to get a public defender

You must first complete an application to to see if you qualify for a court-appointed attorney under State and Federal guidelines. Applications are confidential and do not become part of the public record.   You can complete an application online.

You will be contacted by a screener who will determine if you qualify for a court-appointed public defender but you must attached the required documents listed below to your application.   If you do not qualify for a court-appointed attorney you may chose to privately hire an attorney to represent you. Court staff by law cannot give legal advice or refer you to an attorney.

Required documents for public defender screening

Court Papers

  • Any papers received with court dates and charges


  • Employment information
  • Self-employment information
  • Unemployment information
  • Public Assistance, Social Security or Veteran's Benefits
  • Interest Income, Inheritance or Settlements


  • Proof of basic living expenses (rent/mortgage, utilities, phone, car payments etc.)
  • Proof of any other unusual living expenses (medical/dental bills, collection debts etc.)


  • Documentation of any personal items of value