Outstanding warrant report

Electronic warrant recall process

COVID related changes to the warrant recall process.
Until further notice, the warrant recall fee of $50.00 is waived. Electronic request to quash warrants will be allowed in most circumstances.    Once the electronic form is complete the court staff will process the request within seven business day and mail or email a new hearing date and ZOOM information.  Warrants outstanding for a DV, DUI and Physical Control or No Bail warrants, may not be recalled electronically and will require a written motion to be review by the Judge.    If your case is a No Recall warrant court staff will contact you with your options.

Outstanding warrant information

Warrants are issued when a person fails to appear for court or fails to comply with a court order.

The outstanding warrant report is for informational purposes only and is updated weekly. To see if a warrant is still valid, call 360-363-8050.