Rights as public defender client

The Washington State Supreme Court has adopted standards for the conduct of public defenders. The Washington State Bar Association has also adopted guidelines for the provision of services by public defenders. These standards and guidelines are the basis for standards adopted by the City. Information and links on this page are provided to clients of the Public Defender, to describe some of those rights, and what can be done if you think those rights have been violated. View this Notice of Important rights as aPublic Defender Client for more details.

Know your Rights
Rights for clients of the Public Defender include:
  • A right to confidential meetings with your lawyer.
  • A right to advice about your case.
  • A right to understand any plea agreement.
Filing a Complaint
If you believe your right have been violated, you have the right to file a complaint either with the Washington State Bar Association using its form (and/or a written complaint to the Municipal Judge hearing your case), or the City of Marysville using its complaint form, depending on the circumstances. For more detail on which form is more applicable, view the Notice of Important Rights as a Public Defender Client document.