Paying your utility bill

City of Marysville not associated with DOXO

We have become aware customers have unknowingly used the Payment Service DOXO to pay their utility bills.  

The City of Marysville has no affiliation with DOXO.  Any payments made through them, or any payment service not affiliated with the City, may not be received timely, which can result in service termination.

Utility Billing Payment Portal

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, online payments can be made at

Enter your 12-digit account number and customer ID to do a one-time express pay; OR create an online profile.

How do I set up Autopay?  

Step 1: Create an online profile 

  1. enter your 12-digit account number and customer ID and click "Next"
  2. fill in all required fields (don't forget to add your email address)
  3. click "Create Online Profile"

Step 2:

  1. click on "Autopay Setup"
  2. fill in all required fields
  3. click "Create Autopay Payment Option"
  4. finally, check the box that says "Active?" and click "Update Autopay Schedule"

*Please note: If you set up AutoPay by 10pm the night before your due date, it will be taken out on the next due date. If you set up AutoPay after 10pm the night before your due date, please check to see that the payment processed on the due date.  (Our process runs at 6am on the due date, but due to system maintenance and updates overnight, some auto payment set ups will not be captured.)  Best practice would be to set up auto pay by 10pm the night before your due date or wait until after 11am on your due date.

I have a new credit/debit card. How do I update my Autopay? 

  1.  log in to your online profile
  2.  click on "Autopay Setup"
  3.  delete the existing card information (there is no option to "edit")
  4.  enter your new card information

Other ways to pay your bill:

  • Pay in person at Marysville Civic Center 501 Delta Ave., or place your payment in the brown drop box located at the corner of 5th street and Delta Avenue.
  • Pay-by-phone at 360-363-8777. You will need your current bill number.
  • Pay with a hassle-free automatic bank draft that will withdraw payment directly from your bank account. You can request a form by mail or bring a voided check to the Marysville Civic Center and complete the form.
  • Pay by mail. Remit your utility payment to: City of Marysville, PO Box 128, Caldwell ID, 83606

If your account becomes delinquent, and both a past due and shut off notice have been generated, you will incur an additional late fee on each notice: a 5% late fee on the past due notice and an additional 5% late fee on the shut off notice. Failure to pay before the shut-off day will result in discontinuation of service, with disconnection fees applied.

If your payment is returned to us unpaid by the bank, repayment will be required in the form of cash, cashier's check, money order or credit card, along with a $40 returned-check fee. If your payment was toward avoiding shutoff, your service will be discontinued immediately.

If your water has been shut off and you are paying for turn on, please contact our office and let us know that you made the payment so that we can notify a water technician to come restore your service.